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High voltage testing laboratory

live line equipment testing

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Our mission is to provide energy professionals with effective and state-of-the-art methods for non-contact power grid fault location and equipment testing.

Our team

We are a team of qualified professionals with excellent technical background and extensive experience. As professionals, we love our work and we are ready to respond to any, even the most complex problems in order to reliably and timely face the tasks before us.


We take an individual approach to the needs of each of our customers, dealers, representatives and partners. With close cooperation and the right approach to business, we maintain a professional relationship with all our customers.

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    str. Lwowska 31/101

    56-400 Oleśnica


    NIP: 701 043 37 38

    REGON: 1473 3500 39

    KRS: 0000 517 712


    ul. Moniuszki 19B

    56-400 Oleśnica