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Dielectric testing


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1. We pick up the testing tools

If you have a lot of dielectric equipment to test, then transportation is included in the price of the service. We will come for the dielectric equipment. We will test your equipment and bring it back.

2. Live line working equipment testing

Occupational health and safety regulations require the use of rubber insulating equipment, even when there is the least potential for contact with low or high voltage. These rubber products must be periodically tested to ensure that the products maintain their integrity when exposed to the full range of stresses.

We are test:

  • Insulated rubber gloves (1 - 36 kV) EN 60903:2006
  • Insulated rubber sleeves (1 - 36 kV) ASTM D1051, F496, F1236
  • Insulated rubber shoes EN 50321:2002; PN-77C-94136; KOW/S-01/2015
  • Insulated rods EN 60832:2010
  • Voltage indicators (1 to 110 kV) EN 61243-1:2007
  • Phase comaparators (1 - 110 kV) EN 61243-1:2007
  • Insulated blancets (1 - 36kV) EN 61112
  • Insulated mats (1 - 36kV) EN 61111:2009
  • Insualted platforms (up to 45kV) WTO-3/02
  • Insulated covers (1 - 36kV) ASTM F712
  • Insulated helmets (up to 1 kV) EN 50365:2005
  • Portable earthing devices EN 61230:2011
  • Isolating boom lifts EN 61057:2002

All tests are carried out to meet the applicable IEC / ASTM / ANSI standards. We are not responsible for tested goods after leaving the laboratory.

3. We clean the equipment

All equipment delivered to the laboratory for testing will be cleaned and disinfected.

4. We deliver the equipment

5. We remind you about the next date of test

We maintain our database, which allows us to control the dates of the following examination date for your health and safety equipment to be washed under voltage. We will remind you about the upcoming study in any convenient way - email, phone or text message.

We will do everything to ensure that the health and safety equipment meets all standards and norms.