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High voltage equipment calibration

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High-voltage devices are used to testk the insulation of various materials. They are used in manufacturing and in laboratories.

Since the measurement results of high-voltage devices can deviate from actual values over time, these devices need to be calibrated and adjusted if necessary.

We have measuring meters up to 110kV with leakage current measurement up to 100mA, which we calibrate annually in a certified state laboratory.

The customer will receive a calibration certificate with voltage and current measurement results.

During calibration we check the operation of all modes of the device, if there is any error we describe it in the report.

If necessary, the tested devices will be calibrated.


Service Testing aspects Price
Calibration of DC voltage and current from1 to 100kV 150 Euro
Calibration of AC voltage and current from 1 to 110kV 150 Euro
Calibration of AC/DC voltage and current from 1 to 100kV 210 Euro
Calibration of VLF devices (cosinus-rectangular) from 1 to 64kV 210 Euro

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