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Insulated ladder testing

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Testing of ladders made of insulating materials in accordance with the standard EN 61478

Ladders for voltage from 1kV

Ladders of any length

Once received in the laboratory, the ladders are documented and then cleaned.

They are then visually inspected by our technicians.

The next stage is electrical testing at the appropriate voltage for their class, carried out using Venko’s testing equipment; finally, they are visually checked again and then stamped and packaged for return to the customer.

Documentation accompanies the tool through all stages of testing, and any damaged tools are recorded and then destroyed.

At the customer’s request, damaged tools can be replaced with new products from our stock.

Thanks to the database we maintain, we will remind you of the next test by any means that works for you – phone, email or text message.


Service Testing aspects Price
Insulation ladder test up to 2m 23 Euro
Insulation ladder test from 2m up to 4m 34 Euro
Insulation ladder test form 4m up to 6m 45 Euro
Insulation ladder test from 6m up to 8m 56 Euro
Insulation ladder test from 8m up to 10m 67 Euro

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