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Insulating boom lifts testing

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Tests according norms EN 61057

Lifts working voltage up to 20 kV

Time/period of test 12 month

After leaving the truck with the isolation boom lifting installed in the laboratory, all data are documented.

These are then visually checked by our technicians. If necessary, the elevator basket is disassembled for testing in a specialized bathtub.

The next stage is the electrical voltage tests according to the standard requirement, carried out using Venko test equipment.

After the tests are completed, the isolating boom lifts and baskets are mounted on the car, stamped and cooked for return to the customer.

The documentation is accompanied by the isolation boom lifts at all stages of the tests, and any damage is registered and then repaired (repair is carried out upon agreement with the customer).

Thanks to the database we keep, we will remind you about the next survey in any way you like – phone, e-mail or text message.


Service Testing aspects Price
Insulating boom lifts testing Working voltage of the lifts from 1kV to 20kV 60,00 Euro
Insulating Basket Liner testing Working voltage of the lifts from 1kV to 20kV 70,00 Euro

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