Insulating sticksModular insulating sticks PMU 110/2 B/C

Modular insulating sticks PMU 110/2 B/C


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Modular insulating sticks PMU 110/2 B/C. 110kV/2550mm

  • Operating voltage Un - 110kV
  • Number of modules - 2
  • Diameter of modules - 42 mm
  • Total length Lt - 2550 mm
  • Handle length Lm - 800 mm
  • Working length Lu - 1740 mm
  • Transport length Ltr - 1450 mm
  • Weight  - 1,90kg
Modular insulating sticks PMU type consist of one or more elements (modules) that can be connected to obtain a complete equipment. These sticks are recommended for the applying of phase clamps of short-circuiting devices on flat bars in indoor installations, on round conductors in outdoor substations and on medium or high-voltage overhead conductors. Modular insulating sticks include insulating tubes made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) with 42 mm diameter.